Working With Boy Models: By Zoey Masters

South Florida Model Zoey Masters

My most asked question after how to become a model, or how to get in to modeling is how does it feel to work with boy models? For me it is always an adventure. Some of my best friends are boys so I feel very comfortable. Maybe that is because I am a little bit of a tomboy at heart. I think when I first walk onto a set with boys they get nervous because I can look very girly, especially if hair and make-up gives me that kind of look for the shoot. But after they spend a little time with me during breaks they start to realize that I am really more like one of them. I met Jack on the set of a European shoot several years ago when I was 10 years old.

Zoey and Jack working together on a fashion shoot at age 10.

He was very nice and easy to work with. Some of the pictures from my shoot with him are favorites in my modeling portfolio. I also found out my modeling friend Savanna did some work with Jack as well. It is really fun to start seeing the same group of people at all the castings. This happens a lot, particularly if you are signed with the same agency. Jack and I look like brother and sister so when there are castings for families we get called. If they are looking for contrast and variety in looks then Savanna (who is brunette) and Jack will be called. After a while you learn the routine of the modeling world. It’s a culture in itself.

Model Jack Moore

I asked Jack what are the ups and downs of working with girl models, and what was his most awkward moment…

“The up-side to working with girls is they are very energetic and seem to always be bringing people up; they are very positive on the set. The down-side is they can be too perky and get on people’s nerves. As far I most awkward moment working with a girl…
I would have to say is when we were on the beach. I knew the girl pretty well and the photographer told her to kiss me and she refused to do it! Then he told me to kiss her and when I was about to she didn’t want me to and the photographer got mad. And then
the client asked why I wouldn’t kiss her and asked if I was uncomfortable around girls!! And I wasn’t even the one complaining.” ~Jack

Zoey’s Modeling Tips: 1. Try not to be too perky around boy models, as Jack says, it can
get on peoples nerves. 2. Be down to earth and have fun, remember boys that model are
around beautiful girls all the time so beauty does not impress as much as personality.
3. Boys don’t like drama so don’t create it, or be a part of it with the other girls on the set.

For more information about getting started in modeling:ModelingTheRightWay

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Friends In The Modeling Industry: By Zoey Masters

Model Zoey Masters

I am a model in South Florida. Where I live modeling is big industry and there are many modeling agents. It is a great place to become a model. Clothing companies from all over the world come here to shoot their collections because of the warm weather and beautiful beaches. It is a pristine setting for the business of fashion. For me modeling has never just been about getting a job but about enjoying style and making friends. When I get a booking I always look forward to who I will be modeling with. Of course the thought of modeling with handsome boys is always exciting! But my favorite thing has been meeting friends that I am still close to. I met Savanna on the set of a Justice shoot.

Savanna and Zoey on the set of Justice.

I noticed how different we looked from each other the moment I met her and what a great team I thought we would make. Savanna is darker and more exotic looking, and I am fair with blue eyes and freckles on my nose. Savanna and I really connected as friends. We had a lot of fun that day because the studio  pumped loud music into the dressing, make-up and production set which made the shoot come alive. We were dancing and laughing while modeling. It was a great shoot and the start of a model friendship.

Model Savanna Hoyt

“Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to model. When I finally got into modeling, I knew right away that I wanted to model for Justice and surprisingly that dream came true. I remember seeing hundreds of beautiful girls at the casting and I was so nervous. When I got the call back saying I got the job I was so ecstatic I screamed! Once I met Zoey, I instantly knew we would become friends. We clicked during hair and makeup.”  ~Savanna

Zoey’s Modeling Tips: 1. Investing in a model industry friend gives you someone to talk
through modeling issues with. 2. Do not compare yourself to your modeling co-workers,
instead appreciate and compliment your differences. 3. To have a friend you need to be a friend.

Information about how to get into modeling or how to model: ModelingTheRightWay

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Jealousy Between Models: By Zoey Masters

Model Zoey Masters

Is it hard for pretty girls to be friends? What about models? Contrary to most peoples ideas about models Savanna and I jelled right away. This is not to say that it doesn’t get nasty out there in the fashion field. There have been tense
moments on photo Shoots. I remember one time when another model gave me a glaring stare the minute I stepped on the set. I could feel her resentment. I tried to put her at ease but she continued to show a lot of attitude. The funny
thing is that when the catalog came out from the shoot we looked like the closest of friends. You an usually sense when there will be tension right from the start.

The look of Jealousy

Some models are all about competition, but others want to enjoy their job. There is a skill to modeling that serious models take great pride in. Those top in the field spend so much time on the road that modeling becomes their family, so making friends and being a friend is important. The jealousy
and competitive models are generally known, and even though they will get jobs because of their beauty they are kept at arms length by modeling agents and production crews. It always goes better the even-tempered models.

I asked Savanna how she deals with jealousy on the set…

Model Savanna Hoyt

“One time at a photo shoot there was another girl I was working with that was angry because he didn’t get to be in one of the shoots that I got to be in with a cute boy. Girls in general get jealous easily, but in the modeling industry they can take it to extremes. Most of the time I get along very well with girls. It’s once in a blue moon that there is rigidness between us. I handle jealousy by ignoring it and not stooping down to that level. I always stick to the phrase – if you don’t have  anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” ~Savanna

Zoey’s Modeling Tips: 1. Remember every model is beautiful in their own way. 2. The clients already have in mind the look they want for the shoot, so it is not based on who is more beautiful. 3. Inward beauty often radiates onto the camera (and client) this will give a model an extra edge.

For information about how to model, how to become a model, or how to get in to modeling visit: ModelingTheRightWay

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Erin D wins spot at 4 day modeling camp in NYC!

Erin D from Buffalo will have a chance of a lifetime to meet the right people to help jumpstart her career at Modeling Camp with Heather Cole in NYC.

Erin pictured below at Brides World.

Congrats Erin we are thrilled to help you live your dream!


Modeling Camp is one of the most sought-after, internationally recognized modeling programs in the world! We offer summer camps and year round programs in modeling and fashion for girls. If you want to be a model or learn about the fashion industry – THIS is the place to get started! We offer locations in New York City, Los Angeles and Northern Virginia. Don’t miss your chance to learn from top industry professionals and to gain valuable life skills which will help you approach your life with confidence and style.

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Check out winners and finalists here!

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Winner on WPIX

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Paulene St. Denis Photo shoot by Jade Voit

A few weeks ago I was in NYC for fashion week. I had such a fun experience with some of the other ellegirlmodelsearch finalists. We had the pleasure of meeting and working with 3 experienced professionals in the modeling world at an exciting photo shoot. Loraine Abeles the make-up artist was so kind to all of us. She opened her Ny apartment up to us, made our make-up look beautiful, and took an interest in all of us getting really good photos. It was a crisp winter morning in New York and after getting our make up done, Holly Corsano did our hair and made it look really soft and beautiful. Holly was so easy going and made me feel very comfortable. Next it was off to the shoot! Pauline St. Denis is an incredible photographer and took spectacular pictures that captured the personality of each model. I found it so amazing how great her photos looked. Every frame was extraordinary and she made it seem so easy. I am so pleased that I got to meet and work with all of these ladies.They made a great experience even better and I feel so happy to know them. The shoot was styled by designer Daniel Saponaro which was such a treat. The clothing was comfortable and also helped bring out the style and individuality in all of us. Thank you to everyone on Pauline’s team and everybody at ellegirl model search for a fantastic experience.

Jade Voight

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